Ottimizzazione AdWords

Ottimizza la tua campagna Shopping su Google AdWords

Pricing Assistant è l'unica soluzione che ti permette di creare campagne Shopping che reagiscono in tempo reale ai prezzi della concorrenza e al vostro margine per ottenere un ROI ottimale.

Predictive AdWords management

Our predictive algorithms manage your AdWords campaigns depending on your target (maximum revenue, maximum margin, more sales, ...).
They run all day long and our AdWords experts are always available to help you take strategic decisions for your campaigns.
Our methods allow us to manage campaigns with very large catalogs.

Bid management & Machine Learning

All our campaigns are optimized with state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques and a granular structure. Bids are driven at the brand, category and product levels.

Google Shopping & Catalog performance

We have specific algorithms for Shopping campaigns in order to maximize the profit of your campaigns.
We take all available data into account to customize your campains on every medium (mobile, desktop, tablets).

Google Search - Text ads

We structure your Search account with several dimensions: brands, categories, subcategories, products, ...
Our architectures use all of the available data in your product feed.
Just like our Shopping campaigns, we can optimize bids with text ads using specialized Machine Learning algorithms tailored for E-commerce.

High bidding frequency

Continuously bidding on products is a critical factor to beat your competitors in a fast-moving market.
These techniques will allow you to lower your acquisition costs, and reach a better ROI.

Customized reporting

Our customizable dashboards are a great way to monitor the performance of your campaigns easily.
You can segment results by categories, brand or products.
Our goal is to help you make the smartest decisions for your acqusition strategy.

Win-win relationship

We are very close to our customers: our AdWords specialists are always available to help you.
Even once you reach your targets, we will continue to reach out and adapt to your needs.

Si fidano di noi:

Getting started is easy

  • 1
    We analyze your needs

    Define your AdWords strategy with one of our account managers: objectives, ROI metrics, budget, ...

  • 2
    We connect to your accounts

    We connect to your Merchant center, AdWords and Analytics accounts to retrieve the data and feed it to our algorithms.

  • 3
    We launch the campaigns

    Their bids will be updated daily by our algorithms. You can track their performance in our panel and download detailed reportings.

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Our pricing

Our fee is based on a percentage of your AdWords spend.

Our account managers are at your disposal to discuss it further!