MSRP Watchdog for brands

Track where your brand's products are sold online

With our realtime monitoring and customizable alerts, never miss a MAP violation again!

Price monitoring

Depending on your needs, we update the prices of your distributors' catalogs every week, every day or even several times a day.

Image analysis

Our robots also index the images used by your distributors. You can check that your guidelines are followed in just a glance.

Customizable alerts

You can create rules to be notified of any changes in your distributors' catalogs. For instance, you can be alerted by email when a distributor goes more than 5% below your MSRP.

Price histories & product availability

You can view the entire pricing history of all the products we track on your competitors' websites and understand long-term trends or seasonal patterns. You can also view when products were out of stock in each reseller.

Grey market detection

Our monitoring of all the resellers of your product can help you detect unwanted ones, or even counterfeit products.

User reviews

Our robots are able to index all the data from product pages, including user reviews (both their average and total count).

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Getting started is easy

  • 1
    We analyze your needs

    Define your distributors, number of products and matching method with one of our account managers.

  • 2
    Catalog setup

    We connect to one of your product feeds to be able to synchronize your product catalog.

  • 3
    Panel access

    We start our algorithms to match your products with your competitors and we open your access to your Panel.

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Our pricing

Our monthy fees depend on the matching method as well as the number of distributors and products to track.

Our account managers are at your disposal to discuss it further!