The latest news about Pricing Assistant and E-commerce

Pricing Assistant Presents Research at Cambridge

Exactly one month ago, on August 28th and 29th, 2015, Pricing Assistant was at Cambridge for the EuroSciPy conference. EuroSciPy is a multidisciplinary conference centered around the usage and development of Python technology in a scientific context.

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Why Competitor Price Monitoring Should be Part of Your eCommerce Strategy

If you are a brand or e-retailer in today’s eCommerce space, you know that setting the right online prices can be game-changing for your bottom line.

But with new competitors popping up daily, constant price wars, and the constant threat of Amazon offering your customers a better deal, staying on top of the pricing game can be daunting. What’s more, most pricing managers today simply don’t have the time to manually track competitors’ websites for each of their products.
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Now Serving the UK Market

In a highly competitive online retail landscape, determining ideal product pricing is no easy feat. After 2 years of helping ecommerce merchants perfect their pricing strategy with our automated price monitoring tool, Pricing Assistant is now ready to serve the UK market!

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