The latest news about Pricing Assistant and E-commerce

5 minutes to monitor prices efficiently

At Pricing Assistant, we help e-tailers and brands to optimise their online pricing strategy with our price monitoring solution.

In the majority of cases, 5 minutes per day is enough for our users to respond to the main market movements and identify the most compelling price increase opportunities.

To quantify the impact of these 5 minutes per day, we recently conducted a study on a sample of 60,000 price changes in the French e-commerce sector over a period of 6 months. We found two very strong trends
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Google describes the Supershopper

Who are these supershoppers who do their research, identify their products and make their purchases at the speed of light?

Consumers the world over are now better informed and more efficient than they've ever been. Some of them have become supershoppers overnight. But what is the definition of a supershopper? And what does all this mean for online shops and stores?

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Marketplaces : France Inventory

Shop And Cow Agency, expert in marketplace management, gives us an overview of Marketplaces in France: What is a marketplace, who can open a shop on one, how it works, and how they are key to your future performance?

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How Can Brands Keep Track of Resellers in the eCommerce Age?

For manufacturers, gone are the days when it was easy to monitor everyone that is selling your products. In the internet age, there are more resellers online today than ever before, and keeping up with them all can be extremely difficult. In this blog post, we will cover the value that reseller monitoring can have for manufacturers.

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5 Reasons to Stop Checking Competitor Prices Manually

In the world of online shopping, price is the primary purchase criterion for a whopping 61% of Internet users. The increased pressure to stay competitive has thus led many companies to upgrade their manual competitor price monitoring practices to an automated solution that can save time and boost efficiency.

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