Pricing Assistant launches smart recommendations for e-merchants and brands

The competitive intelligence start-up now helps e-merchants and brands in their business strategy with smart recommendations. With its unique dataset and deep expertise in e-commerce catalogs, Pricing Assistant suggests actions to improve their sales.

E-merchants and brands must seek to leverage all the data they can in order to stand out. Analyzing catalogs, products and their prices continuously is critical to stay relevant in a competitive environment. But data isn’t information: it needs to be organized and made actionable to be useful. To support this growing need, Pricing Assistant is launching smart recommendations today for all its customers.

Catalog recommendations for brands

To further support brands in their e-commerce strategy, Pricing Assistant now offers recommendations on their catalog and sales channels. The main focus of brands on the platform has always been to monitor their reseller network, both on marketplaces and third-party websites. With these new recommendations, brands can now enforce guidelines such as minimum retail prices, consistent availability of products or fair reviews. They can even ensure that up-to-date product images are being used across all channels. In just a few minutes, they can easily identify products and resellers that need special attention.

A repricing solution for e-merchants

Pricing Assistant now offers a fully-featured repricing solution for e-merchants. This new tool uses all the market data (prices, availability, discounts, ...) that Pricing Assistant has been collecting for 5 years in addition to internal data from the e-merchant (margins, sales, inventory, ...) to enable the pricing recommendations to be as accurate as possible. "The strength of our solution is to avoid being a black box where nobody knows why the algorithm recommended such a price change. Our customers can easily understand and keep control over the recommendations via customizable rules and validation workflows." says Martin de Charette, co-founder and CEO. The tool supports repricing setups ranging from two-step manual validation to fully automated price changes.

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