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Shop And Cow Agency, expert in marketplace management, gives us an overview of Marketplaces in France: What is a marketplace, who can open a shop on one, how it works, and how they are key to your future performance?

1. What is a Marketplace?

Amazon, Ebay, Cdiscount, do you know these e-commerce giants? More than online shopping sites, these are actually marketplaces.

Like markets on the squares in our cities and towns, they generate a lot of traffic and a high visibility for sellers on these platforms.

These large online shopping centers can be tremendous accelerators for your business if your presence is controlled and your flows are optimised, Marketplaces can bring a lot to your company.

2. Who can open a shop on them?

The primary purpose of the Marketplace is to connect you with as many potential customers as possible. Brands, distributors, retailers, artisans, and so on, Marketplaces are there to propel your business to new heights.

They have very powerful acquisition processes that allow you to reach millions of customers online. There are the omnipresent sites like Amazon, Cdiscount, Ebay and Auchan, all generating millions of visits a day. But there are also more targeted Marketplaces that attract a highly qualified audience:

Fnac, Boulanger, Darty for Electronics and Household Appliances

Nature et découverte, Mano Mano, Vida XL and Déco for homes,

Zalando, Spartoo, La Redoute, Galerie Lafayette and Atlas for Men for fashion.

From parapharmacy to DIY, from deco to well-being, there is virtually a Marketplace for any type of product.

3. And how does it work?

At first glance, it looks simple.

You open a shop, you create your products and tada, the world is at your feet. But in reality, this task can be tedious and time-consuming.

Creating of product sheet, matching, inventory management, order uploads, customer service management, KPI, all these elements need to be mastered if you want to have a positive experience on marketplaces.

Of course, there are tools to automate a maximum number of processes, modules, flow aggregators (or managers) are there to help you.

Then you have to take the time to discover the interface of Shopping Flux, Lengow, Neteven or Sellermania, and programming them so you can put your product catalog onto marketplaces.

Then comes the series of first mistakes: What is this matching? Why is my stock at 0? Why are my products not online? There are hundreds of rejection patterns, all with a very specific jargon.

If you do not want to waste time and prefer to focus on your core business, Shop and Cow can help.

4. How can I perform on Marketplaces?

3 elements are absolutely essential to have good performances on Marketplaces:

  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Catalog quality,
  • Growth and management of your presence

More than anywhere else on the Internet, consumers have the ability to compare, comment, and rate on marketplaces. With their incredible audience, marketplaces generate a large number of customer reviews that will make your store either a success or a failure.

In order to make the most of the exposure offered by these internet giants, you must also ensure that the information on your product sheets is sufficiently complete and detailed to appear on filtered searches.

Your SEO is then optimised to the full with your products visible to the greatest number.

Choice and growth of channels are also significant factors for your business. And yes, marketplaces attract a qualified audience ready to purchase products. On marketplaces, Internet users are there to buy!

5. When will you start?

Want to reach millions of new customers willing to buy your products, while fully controlling your acquisition costs?

At Pricing Assistant we have developed a strong expertise in the Brands & E-commerce catalogs, both on the Analysis (Competitive and Pricing benchmarking) aspect, as well as the optimization of flow and management of Adwords campaigns for e-commerce;

The Shop And Cow agency is our complementary operator that will support you in managing your marketplaces.

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