"Data" the webmarketing's paradigm

You have asked yourself many questions about data: where does it come from? What is its use? And especially how can it be exploited?

In recent years, web marketers have only had one word on their tips of their tongues: data! This is not surprising: it must be said that data can provide great services ... as long as you know how to utilize it correctly And that's not necessarily obvious!

Want to better understand the concept of data? Our team will explain everything you need to know about data: they will keep no secrets from you! And that it will be a real asset that will allow you to optimise your web marketing strategy!

1. Why is data a must in web marketing?

Nowadays, it is simply impossible to do web marketing without using data. At least, if your goal is to improve your performance and succeed in achieving your business goals!

"Simply put, data allows you to make better decisions for your web marketing strategy. With data, you'll be able to communicate the right product at the right time with the right target."

Obviously, to achieve this, you will first have to gather a lot of data. But the most important thing is to examine it in order to get the right information, i.e., what will enable you to make the right decisions.

So to communicate the right product, at the right time to the right audience, you will have to rely on the following:

  • Data obtained through tracking of your website to target the right person;
  • Data from recommendations to define the right product;
  • Data obtained using market knowledge to define the right time: you will soon come to realise that certain periods are better to sell products than others (sales, holidays, Valentine's Day ) in your industry. For an effective strategy, you will also need to analyse when your products are well priced in relation to competition.

Combining these 3 types of data will allow you to make optimal decisions to increase your sales.

You now understand more clearly why data is so important in web marketing. But you continue to ask yourself how to find the right data to analyze? After all, it seems that there is so much of it that you fear you will not be able to get your bearings. It's very good if you ask yourself this question!

Data can be obtained from many sources: depending on your business objectives, you will have to define what data will be useful to you. Otherwise, there will be a lot of commotion and you will not be able to make good decisions with data. A pure waste of time.

This could include data from Google AdWords and Google Analytics. But you can also analyse tactics from social networks or data from competition using tools like those provided by Pricing Assistant.

2. The limits of data: even more data?

As you have understood, data is essential for decision-making. And it is important to define beforehand what data will be analyzed to avoid wasting time and heading in the wrong direction.

"In theory, this seems simple. But in reality, it is much more complicated than that. Today, there is so much data. This can make it really difficult to collect and analyze."

This is an opportunity to talk to you about a concept you may have already heard about: Big Data! This term refers to all the data we encounter on a daily basis and has become so bulky over time that it has become difficult to manage with conventional tools.

This is not surprising: when there was less data, it was possible to study it without resorting to third-party tools. But today, this has simply become impossible...

3. Exploiting data in an optimal manner: and if the solution came from artificial intelligence?

But how to successfully exploit the data in an optimal manner? Experts agree that the use of artificial intelligence is essential in order to store this massive data and allow them to make sense of it.

This is most notably thanks to the artificial intelligence that we have seen in recent years with the arrival of many applications to facilitate daily life. The professional sector is not alone in being able to benefit from artificial intelligence's input on data. We all benefit from it daily, even without realizing it, thanks to applications that are both diverse and varied (connected objects, mobile applications etc.). Data becomes transparent for the end user ... but it is there!

"One last thing to know about data. At present, data, although very numerous, is still under-exploited. Imagine having a tool at your side that allows you to exploit it 100% ? Your decision-making would not only be easier. It would also be much safer."

With better-used data, you can make much more ambitious choices, the risk being limited by the use of artificial intelligence. Such a tool will also allow you to be more reactive. Some decisions can be made automatically by the software responsible for analyzing the collected data!

How can Pricing Assistant help you make better use of your data?

At Pricing Assistant, we want to help you make better use of competitive data in order to achieve your business goals.

Thanks to our price monitoring tool, you can monitor your competitors' prices, which will allow you to have an optimal reaction compared to prices of the market.

AdWords Pilot is also available to help automate your bidding on Google AdWords.

The applications we offer at Pricing Assistant come from our very detailed knowledge of data. We know that it is important to know your competitors better to make good decisions for your web marketing strategy. That's why we used data to develop our software.

We can assist you in managing and analyzing the most relevant data for your sector of activity. Learn more about data-driven Google Shopping and Search campaigns.

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