Respond to Competitor Price Changes Faster with Our New Alerts

To allow you to be even more responsive to competitor price changes, we are excited to launch a set of new alert options! Created based on client feedback, we hope that these alerts will help keep you informed of market opportunities and will allow you optimize your pricing strategy accordingly.

To set up the new alerts, you can go directly to the "Settings" tab and select "Create new rule".

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 17.29.31

The triggers "You are cheaper than the market price" or "You are more expensive than the market price", will show your price position relative to the market and to your competitors.

- If you become more expensive than the market price, is it because your competitors are currently running promotions on certain products?

- Are your resellers respecting the recommended price?

With the alerts "You are the only seller" or "You are not the only seller" you can learn about new market opportunities.

- You’re the only one to selling a certain product? Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales or your margins!

- These alerts will help you identify resellers that no longer have your product in stock or to discover possible grey market sellers.

Finally, the alerts "You're no longer the cheapest" and "You're no longer the most expensive" allow you to know right away when your competitors or resellers change the price of their products.

Set up these new alerts in your panel for a more efficient pricing strategy or request a demo to see them in action!