New White Paper - Pricing in eCommerce

“After all, behind every product is a price and behind each price is a potential sale...”

Pricing in eCommerce, Pricing Assistant There’s no denying that eCommerce will continue on its path of steady growth in the upcoming years. On the other hand, it is pretty evident that today’s consumers will continue to become increasingly more savvy and price­conscious. The success of price comparator websites like NexTag and marketplaces like Amazon can therefore pose a threat to online stores. However, if leveraged properly, these channels can also yield great opportunities. Unfortunately, by turning a blind eye on competitors or neglecting their own strategy, many eCommerce merchants today have found themselves caught in the middle of a potentially destructive price war. Yet practice has shown that the key to an effective pricing strategy is in finding the perfect balance between an attractive margin and a competitive market positioning. To help you achieve this balance, Pricing Assistant has put together a free ebook of various pricing tactics that can help you optimize your sales and increase your margins. Photo 2 Understanding these tactics will allow you to craft a winning pricing strategy for your business. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing some extracts of the ebook to give you a taste of what’s inside. To be the first to know when the ebook is released, make sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter. Want to learn more about automatic price monitoring? Request a free demo today!