Shipping Rates, Availability and Product Filters

Here at Pricing Assistant, we are continuously improving our tool to provide our clients with the best price monitoring experience. We are delighted to announce the release of three new features!

1. Narrow down your search with product filters

To help you implement your pricing strategy and improve your panel experience, new filters have been added in the Products tab. You can now improve the accuracy of your search by filtering based on multiple criteria.

You can also: ­

  • Select the category as well as the brand that you wish to analyze
  • Define the product price range
  • ­ Focus on your most competitive products by adjusting the number of competitors
  • ­ Identify your positioning in relation to the market price

1 You can now also sort your products based on the following criteria: ­

  • The number of competitors – to identify products with the most aggressive competition
  • ­ Sale price of your products
  • ­ Your positioning: by product or in relation to the market ­ Product name
  • ­ Recently added products


2. Win time by saving your searches

Are you performing the same search regularly? Save it! You will be able to access the list of saved searches directly from the Dashboard or Products tab. To use the data, you can directly export this search in .xlsx or .csv format in the Data Export tab.


3. Shipping fees, availability and market price

To help you fully optimize your pricing strategy, we are now providing even more information. In the Settings tab, you can now personalize the following display option in the panel.

a. Product availability

Do you want to see if a product is actually in stock at a competitor’s store? It is now possible with our new feature! If a product is no longer sold by one of your competitors, you will be notified by a red indicator.


b. Shipping fees

Shipping fees are now available in your panel! This information is pulled directly from the websites that we crawl. There are two display options: showing the shipping fees in a separate column or adding them directly into the sale price.


c. Market Price

Analyze your positioning in relation to the market. For each product, you can now see your positioning based on:

  • ­ Average price of all competitors or starred competitors
  • ­ Median price of all competitors or starred competitors

After configuring these display options, you can find the details in the Products tab. With the help of our colour coded indicators, (red if the price is below yours or green if the price is above yours) you can also analyze your positioning by product. 7 To see these new features, existing clients can just log into their panel. Not monitoring competitor prices yet? Don’t fall behind your competition, request a free demo today.