Pricing Assistant boosts Shopping campaign ROI with data from online price monitoring

Pricing Assistant is launching a new specialized Shopping campaign solution based on on the prices of competitors. 

Internet retailer competition not only affects online sales prices, but also Google AdWords bids. Average cost per click keeps increasing, reflecting the importance of Google AdWords for e-merchants.

An SEM solution that detects products with ROI potential

Pricing Assistant links competitor pricing data with AdWords Shopping bids to help e-merchants play the right cards in this competitive market. After months of beta-testing, Pricing Assistant is launching their new specialized Shopping campaign solution at the E-Commerce Paris 2015 tradeshow. To use the product, the user will first define their AdWords budget and objective (increased revenue or margin). Pricing Assistant will then allocate this budget daily among the products with the best competitive positioning and update the bids via the Google AdWords API.


Online headphones retailer, ToneMove, is one of the first users of tool and has been impressed by the results. After using the solution for a few months, François Bronic, the website’s founder remarks: “Ever since Pricing Assistant started managing our AdWords campaigns, we have seen a spectacular improvement in our ROI. It's an incredibly simple and intelligent system that is completely automated and allows for real productivity gain. Pricing Assistant combines the right product, with the right CPC and the right moment.”

A tool to optimize and monitor revenue or margin ROI

The algorithm takes into account not only conversion history, but also margin and competitive data for each product. “Our technology really leverages our knowledge of price monitoring and our deep understanding of eCommerce catalogues” explains Martin de Charette, co-founder and CEO. Each bid is individually optimized by product and updated in real-time, in response to market changes. This allows for easy campaign monitoring and effortless management of up to thousands of products. With this approach, the first testers have already seen an ROI increase of up to +35%.