Smart Repricing

Optimize your pricing strategy thanks to dynamic pricing

Win the battle, automatize your pricing

Dynamic pricing

With thousands of products and hundreds of competitors, repricing is the only solution to manage your pricing strategy efficiently.
By integrating internal data (purchase price, margins, inventory, sales) and external data (price and availability of products at competitors), our algorithm is able to suggest optimal prices in a continuously evolving landscape.

Custom rules

We integrate your pricing strategy via customizable rules such as:
- Be the cheapest on the market, taking into account my net margin
- Raise my prices in cases I am market leader
- Be 1% cheaper than my favorite competitors
- For the products on which I am the cheapest, increase the price to align me on the second cheapest
- Raise my price when my main competitors are out of stock

Price change validation

Our repricing tool supports customizable validation workflows, ranging from two-step validation of every recommendation to fully automated repricing via APIs. You are always in control of the process.

Price change export

There are a few ways of syncing validated price suggestions back to your website. You can download an export as a CSV or upload them straight from our panel via an API.

Once the prices are changed, you can analyze the ROI and continue fine-tuning your strategy.

They trust us:

Getting started is easy

  • 1
    Rules definition

    You can directly give your pricing rules to our Account Managers.
    We can also help you define the smartest rules for your business.

  • 2
    Suggestion and validation

    We implement your rules to recommend you prices' changes

  • 3
    Connection to your back office

    Once prices are validated, they are automaticaly updated on your website

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