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Automated matching

Pricing Assistant uses advanced algorithms to match your products with those of your resellers. You will probably be surprised to discover new resellers you didn't know about... Never waste time tracking your resellers manually again!

Price monitoring

Depending on your needs, we update the prices of your resellers' catalogs every week, every day or even several times a day.

Segment by reseller, category or brand

Our visual tools allow you to understand the market in a glimpse and see how competitive you are by reseller, category or brand. Find products that need repricing in just a few clicks.


We track the price of each reseller in popular marketplaces like Amazon. You can tweak your pricing strategy in each marketplace depending on its competitive landscape.

Customizable alerts

You can create rules to be notified of any changes in your resellers' catalogs. For instance, you can be alerted by email when a DVD from Amazon goes 5% below your own price.

Excel & CSV exports

You can download all the data from the panel as XLS or CSV files to be able to run your own analyses.

Price histories

You can view the entire pricing history of all the products we track on your resellers' websites and understand long-term trends or seasonal patterns.

Getting started is easy!

We analyze your needs

An account manager from Pricing Assistant will help you narrow down the number of products and resellers you want to track, as well as the matching method (using UPCs or semantic analysis).

Catalog setup

We can synchronize your catalog with an XML feed or use one of our native modules for CMSes like PrestaShop.

Panel access

Once the setup is complete, our crawlers start looking for your resellers on the web and we send you the access to your panel shortly afterwards.


Our pricing depends on the matching method you chose, the number of resellers you want to monitor, and the number of products in your catalog.

Our E-Commerce experts will help you choose the right package for your needs!

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