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Optimize your Google AdWords Shopping campaigns

Pricing Assistant is the only solution for creating Shopping campaigns that adapt in real-time to your competitors prices and your margins to get a maximum ROI.

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Automate your Google AdWords Shopping campaigns

We automatically create a Shopping campaign with all of your products. Our advanced algorithm continuously optimizes and updates the bids for each product. Never waste time managing campaigns manually again!

Continuously measure your ROI

Monitoring global and per product return on investment has never been easier with the help of our reporting interface.

ROI can be calculated in relation to your margin or revenue, depending on your objectives.

Stay on top of the game for each product

Bids are calculated individually for each product based on numerous factors: conversion history, margin, and Pricing Assistant's exclusive competitive positioning data.

Our algorithm can also incorporate Google Analytics data for even more accuracy.

Find the optimal budget for your campaign

Our simulations help you visually discover your ideal budget to maximize overall ROI!

Explore your catalogue

Our algorithm is no black box: you can always explore and analyze the data to plan which products to include in your upcoming promotions.

Getting started is easy!

We analyze your needs

Define your AdWords strategy with a Pricing Assistant account manager: goals, measures of ROI and Shopping campaign budget.

We synchronize your catalogue

We connect to your Merchant Center and Google AdWords account to get the data our algorithm needs about your products.

We open your account

We setup your new Shopping campaign and you get access to our reporting interface.


We keep a small commission of the budget spent on the campaigns we manage.

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